Our wines

There are t hree production l ines: “Bertumè” Timorasso still and two types of bubbles, “Bolle in valle” refermented unfiltered sparkling wine, for which the only refermentation takes place with selected yeasts and “Mec l’è?” a sparkling refermented wine made by refermentation with must.



Nebraie, etichetta Bertumè

Bolle in Valle

Nebraie, etichetta Bolle in Valle

Mec L’è?

Nebraie, etichetta Mec L'è?


    The Firm

    NEBRAIE was founded in 2014 and is a family business.
    In addition to the vine, we sow and harvest forage hay, green manure legumes and ancient wheat. The project was born with the idea of reviving a mountain territory by dedicating to t he production and sale of wine in a place where in the past, until t he depopulation started in the 60s of the twentieth century, the cultivation of the vine was widespread and in addition to the Timorasso were many varieties of vine, many of which were unknown.
    The realization of the project was possible through a careful recovery of the family land, respecting the biodiversity and the basics of biodiversity and the principles of organic farming (company certified since 2019 and self-certified since birth).

    Nebraie, etichetta Mec L'è?

    Azienda Agricola Nebraie

    Fraz. Sisola, 11
    Rocchetta Ligure (AL) – Italia
    Phone. +39 338 151 1653
    eMail: tacchella.a@gmail.com